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Greg Young

Coined CQRS & Event Sourcing. Independent consultant & serial entrepreneur. DDD enthusiast and frequent contributor.

Elif Alp-Marent, Ph.D.

UX designer with a social science background and a side of team spirit to the multi-disciplinary work of UX design.

Tim Berglund

Passionate technology leader with a background in engineering. VP of DevRel at StarTree — Real-Time Analytics.

Pat Kua

Technology leader with 20+ years of experience. Former CTO and Chief Scientist of N26, frequent keynote speaker, and author.

Uwe Friedrichsen

Cartographer of uncharted territory. CTO of codecentric AG and speaker at various international conferences.

David Leitner

Coding Architect with a strong focus on scaling & reactive architectures. Helped shaping the term Microfrontends.

Thomas Vogel

Well-rounded engineer and co-founder of arkulpa. Proud father and organizer of agent.sh & worker.sh.

Martin Gutenbrunner

Software architect at @dynatrace.Passionate about life, technology, and the people behind both of them.

Manfred Steyer

Google Developer Expert (GDE)and Microsoft MVP with a strong focus onAngular.

CQRS, DDD, Event-sourcing

Advanced CQRS, DDD and Event-sourcing

Greg Young (eventstore.org)

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Architectural Work, System Thinking

Everything you always wanted to know about architecture

Uwe Friedrichsen (codecentric AG)

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Kafka, Rx*, Streaming, GraphQL

Building Reactive Systems

David Leitner (SQUER Solutions)

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Technical Leadership, Cross-Functional Requirements

Technical Leadership Masterclass

Pat Kua (Independent)

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Improve your Software Crafting Skills

Join us on May 17th at our SQUER Solutions Offices for a pre-conference Hackathon. Over the course of the evening, you will have the opportunity to work on a solution for a specific challenge provided by Trayport. Along with this event, we encourage everybody participating to not just focus on the solution developed within her or his team, but also stay helpful for all teams around them. If you are kind to your neighbors they will maybe share their price with you, if they are lucky enough to get one.

Join the Hackathon

Stay humble,
& build great software!

CodeCrafts is a community-driven conference all about crafting exceptional software. A unique inclusive event where passionate Software Engineers, Local Heroes, and International Thought Leaders come together in the heart of Vienna to grow and influence your mindset and technical expertise.

One Conference Day

A full day of inspiring talks to give you an holistic view on state of the art practices on May 18, 2022.

One Workshop Day

Get your hands dirty and go in-depth during workshops on May 19 - 20, 2022.

Be inspired by
Latest Technologies & Trends
Practical reports from
International Thought Leaders
Sharpen your
Mindset, Tools & Methods
Become part of an
Open & Inclusive Community
Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna


a heritage-protected historical monument.

The History of the more than 120-year-old Ankerbrot Fabrik is closely related toViennese history.It acts as a perfect venue for Code-Crafts Vienna, as top-notch craftsmanship is the daily bread in the field of software engineering.

Need help finding a nice and cosy place to sleep?

Photo: Klaus Pichler — www.brotfabrik.wien

Workshops from

Uwe Friedrichsen &
David Leitner

Both workshops, Everything you always wanted to know about architecture by Uwe Friedrichsen and Building Reactive Systems by David Leitner will take place at the SQUER Office at Sofiensäle.

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Workshop from

Pat Kua

The Workshop Technical Leadership Masterclass by Pat Kua will be hosted at Talent Garden. The friendly and innovative working atmosphere of Talent Garden matches the innovative workshop perfectly.

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